On global warming, climate change, business executives and politicians.


“Imperial purple is but goat´s hair stained with shell fish´s blood”. –  Marcus Aurelius. Which means that once reduced to what they really are, things are not that important (and all which that entails, including money itself and all that money buys). 


When science-illiterate (or scientifically challenged) executives and republicans and anyone else who like them, are more interested in dying rich (but dying all the same and none the less), whilst having all other priorities rescinded, we get people like Bob Lutz, who openly begin voicing their science ignorance on the air, only demonstrate that those in charge of the big corporate decisions (which affect global warming and climate change), maybe shouldn´t be there at all since they won´t listen to scientists and reason (in other words, either they don´t think critically or don´t care because they are not critical thinkers in the long run, although they do consider themselves as leaders), leading to the depiction of the following graphs:


The above is a NASA graph from NASA´s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Facebook page (which I follow at: https://sealevel.nasa.gov/), which shows clearly that Bob Lutz (a former top CEO executive) and the republicans just don´t get it or don´t want to get it when they say that global warming and climate change is a hoax, because their Florida mansions are still not under water due to their poor observation techniques.

What they don´t get is that “humans are poor data taking devices, that´s why we have science and scientific detectors (as well as historical average records on just about everything).

Similarly, the graph below illustrates a similar point:


Source: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/23.png

What about this is not clear to Lutz and the like?

Witness the Lutz argument from ignorance, openly challenging  Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Maher (both way more critically-minded guys than Bob and republicans, in general and as a whole):

In any case, people like Lutz and republicans are evidently deeply  oblivious to the reality depicted in the following report on climate geoengineering, which attempts to alleviate the warmest winters to date (but only make it worse):


Now when I mention republicans, it´s only because they are the ones denying global warming and climate change, due to their unwillingness to make alterations to the industries which greatly contribute to the problem. Since the USA has companies and military bases worldwide, they should be at the forefront and leadership of this problem to which they contribute a great deal and help solve it by signing the joint world emissions reduction treaties, which the USA oftentimes (if not always), declines to sign and agree upon.

The only point which Lutz makes which is true, is that Al Gore messed up by exaggerating and over dramatizing the current date scenario with his Oscar and Nobel prize-winning “Inconvenient Truth” film and his $100,000 dollar, 50-minute lecture world-wide tours. Unfortunately that´s what deniers like Lutz are using to justify their position, only they should remember that Gore is not a scientist, nor is his film a science documentary.

Anyway, if climate change and global warming is not a reality, why then is geoengineering in use to attempt lowering winter temperatures?

“Be ashamed to die until you have scored some victory for humanity” –
Horace Mann.

The truth is that Greenland´s ice mass change is -287 +/- 29  Gt/yr, and Antarctica´s numbers are -134 +/-79  Gt/yr. 1 Gt = one gigatonne or one billion metric tonnes. Those are serious numbers on the decrease of ice per annum on the important ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica. Source: https://sealevel.nasa.gov/

“I´ve met many who want to own the world, but none who want to save it” – Anonymous.

For a little comedy relief, here´s misanthrope George Carlin, telling it like it is on this and other subjects where humans bungle:

More for the scientifically friendly folks and science philes from a scientist whom we all respect, because he´s taken Sagan´s baton in educating through science in COSMOS and elsewhere like Star Talk and in many other events and shows, as either a guest or a host:


I rest my case!



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