About Christopher Hitchens (and a bit about Sagan).

This really isn´t supposed to be a deep or insightful or particularly lengthy blog article, it´s just something I wanted to express.


“Philosophy begins where religion ends, just as by analogy chemistry begins where alchemy runs out, and astronomy takes the place of astrology.”

Christopher Hitchens

Many may not be familiar with him, and it´s so easy to youtube him and to google him, so I won´t describe his background or career. Suffice it so say he was a brave man, as brave as they come actually, mainly because he wasn´t afraid to be politically incorrect and he always spoke his mind, and that being so rare a notion nowadays, made him a respectful bloke in my book.

However, it just so happens that he was an accomplished author, a gifted orator and a polymath within the scope of his interests, and even though he was controversial and polemic (as all accomplished authors should be), he was respected (and is missed) by quite an array of top minds and critical thinkers (like Dawkins and Krauss et al), and that in my opinion, is what it´s all about.


That being said (or in this case written), many a lesser mind didn´t get him or like him at all, and I´m sure he wasn´t a bit miffed about that, in fact, I suspect he relished on it.

I´m sure that Carl Sagan would have liked him, had they actually had the chance to interact on a personal level, and that is one of the highest honors I can think of, since Sagan was (and still is thanks to his legacy of scientific papers, books, documentaries and interviews), one of the all time greats (as a science propagator and critical thinking originator).

They both left us prematurely at 62, not before leaving in their wake a work of good. Before they both succumbed to cancer, they alike didn´t convert to religion or had any doubts about it (this from records of both their families), instead, they faced death head on, as the mental gladiators they both were, and as I think we should all do (if we are brave enough).

In life we all have detractors and supporters (hopefully more of the latter if we choose wisely who to hang out with, and detractors are good to have as well, since they sometimes keep us honest), and like Hitchens, I´ve had my fair share (as I´m sure so has everyone else), so I  too welcome detraction and support alike.

“On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”

Hitchens didn´t say this, but it sounds like he could have, because it´s true about everything as well, the Universe included, to which I say, amen and pass the mustard!

So I raise my glass to the Hitch and to Carl, because wherever they are (most likely back into Universe as information bits), they both knew that they would be nowhere in particular (and had the guts to admit it, like Nietzsche before them), which is exactly where we are all headed to eventually.

So live and think and speak and write valiantly if you will (and if you dare), and enjoy every second of it. Or not.

Cheers and down the hatch!



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